Ask an Author – April 2018 – Use Those April Showers

Use Those April Showers

There is absolutely nothing more refreshing than to be able to use those April showers to help regenerate and recreate your imaginative juices. Trust me when I tell you that the sounds, smells, and sites of those showers can only do wonders for you.

Let’s start with the sounds of those April showers. Think of it like this! You hear raindrops tapping gently at your windows. You hear the raindrops falling steadily upon the roof of your house and you hear the sounds of rain outside in your yard or your driveway. They are steady but gentle. They are not enough to disturb your concentration but they are enough to get you thinking and soon you find yourself beginning to reach for your keyboard or pen and paper. Presto! You are back on track!

Now for the smells of those wonderful April showers! Fresh, fragrant, and simply welcoming to the nostril. Just think of it like this! You are in your kitchen and the window is slightly open. Just enough to let in some fresh air and with it comes the freshness and fragrance of those April showers! It hits you like a breeze in a bottle! You are suddenly awakened and you now have a new desire to start creating once more!

Then there is the site of those April showers as their drops litter the grass around you. They cling to the leaves on the trees and sit neatly on the petals of flowers. They race down the panes of your windows and ah yes! You see them everywhere and now you have something to write about!

Is this enough for you to adopt this strategy? Why not give it a try?

I’m Donna J. Jodhan, your freelance writer and roving reporter wishing you a terrific day.

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