Top app of the week – Meet the npr one app

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Meet the npr one app
If you love listening to the radio and = you enjoy=20 keeping up to date with not just news headlines but stories from around = the=20 world then this app may just be what the doctor has ordered for = you.
This is a nifty little app that you = can access=20 directly from your i phone and it is available at your friendly app = store. =20 Read on!
npr one is a whole new way to listen = to stories,=20 shows, and podcasts from npr and your local public radio station.
it=E2=80=99s public radio made = personal.
a handcrafted experience: npr one = starts with=20 the latest headlines then moves to a flow of stories that = matter=E2=80=94stories=20 narratives that increase your
understanding, create connections, = enrich your=20 life and enliven your mind. all thoughtfully curated by hand, every = day.
always learning from you: just pop in = your ear=20 buds, tap your phone and npr one starts flowing. and npr one gets to = know you.=20 skip what you don’t want, or tap
the lightbulb to say a story is = interesting.=20 we’ll turn npr one into your own personal radio station.
read npr one’s applevis ios app = directory entry=20 for more information e
visit npr one’s page on the app = store 4498884?mt=3D8&ign-mpt=3Duo%3D8

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