Top app of the week – Meet the My baby sim app

If you are in the market for something = to help=20 you save time while at the same time pop a problem; then you have come = to the=20 right place.
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Meet the My baby sim app
(free with in-app purchases)
This app is for those who have babies = in their=20 homes and who are seeking ways to test their skills as parents.
There is absolutely nothing wrong in = testing=20 your skills as a parent and reaching out to other parents.  This = app may be=20 the perfect way for you to do all of this.  So time to read = on.
voiceover support is fixed in this = version.=20 should you have any questions or suggestions about this feature, please = send=20 them to
this baby care app allows you to = analyze how=20 good you are as a parent, storing all data in a log. compare your = progress with=20 our recommendations to test yourself.
there is also a great possibility to = share your=20 experience within the community and ask for advice both from baby care = experts=20 and from the community members.
current version: 2.0.3 (july 24, = 2015)
read my baby sim’s applevis ios app = directory=20 entry for more information by-sim
visit my baby sim’s page on the app = store id642371875?mt=3D8&ign-mpt=3Duo%3D8

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