Not enough time

Greetings everyone; I’m Scott Savoy, = managing=20 editor at and I = truly hope=20 that everyone is staying warm as February 2018 continues to be one of = the=20 coldest in history.
Today I am pleased to bring you our = president’s=20 weekly editorial and for this week Donna J. Jodhan talks about us not = having=20 enough time.
I wish you a great Weekend.
Not enough time
By Donna J. Jodhan
This seems to be the rallying cry these = days; not=20 enough time!  It appears that much of society is suffering from = this=20 syndrome these days.
Maybe this cry was not as prominent up = until 10=20 years ago or so but here we are today and this is the reality.
Not enough time to exchange a = handshake! =20 Not enough time to offer a smile to a stranger!  Not enough time to = pick up=20 the phone and call one’s parents or family member!
Not enough time to see if someone = struggling with=20 their grocery bags or parcels needs a helping hand!
Not enough time to send a greeting = card! =20
Yet somehow!  Just enough time to = commit a=20 crime!  Just enough time to expound hatred across the = Internet!  Just=20 enough time to snuff out the life of someone else!  Just enough = time to=20 abuse our kids!
What’s wrong with this picture?  = Not enough=20 time to truly take stock and fix it before it is too late!
Just my two cents worth for = today.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a = terrific=20 weekend.
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