The "Public Eye"

Noun. public eyepublic eye - a focus of public attention; "he enjoyed being in the limelight"; "when Congress investigates it brings the full glare of publicity to the agency".

Say what you will, the news is what counts when it is information you need.

A Special Package for Donna

In early January, Donna received a very special and surprising package from the Grade Two kids at the Grove Community School.
Read what they had to say; their messages were also in Braille!
Donna thanks their teachers Shannon and Velvet for having sent along.

A large brown paper envelope with a note written on it in black marker. The note reads: 'Dear Donna, we made these secret messages for you. We thought of words of love and peace to wish you an extra special holiday. The messages are in Braille and are textured sticer jewels. Have a wonderful holiday! Love, the Grade 2 students from the Grove Community School. (And Shannon and Velvet.)' The first page of the booklet inside the envelope. It says 'Love to you' in both print letters and Braille. Another inside page. It has a drawing of a boy waving, a snowflake, a snowman, and a Menorah. It says 'Love you' in Braille. Another inside page. It says 'I love you' in print letters and in Braille. Another inside page, featuring resents, stars, happy faces, dog paw prints, and many Christmas decorations. It says 'happy New Years' in Braille.