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Author Donna Jodhan Publications - Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - Issue 43

An Author Donna Jodhan Publication

Hi! My name is Donna Jodhan; Author of audio mysteries, writer, blogger, and a life style specialist. I produce monthly newsletters for a wide audience and I'd like to welcome you to my newsletter for this month.

In my newsletter you will find the following:

  • Practical tips to enhance your daily life,
  • Mystery of the month,
  • From the desk of author Donna Jodhan,
  • A news flash from author Donna Jodhan,
  • Author Donna Jodhan's picks of the month.

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Section: Practical tips to enhance your daily life:

Welcome to our varied collection of links for your reading pleasure. They are meant to help you keep up with improvements and enhancements to various products and services that are a part of your daily life.


Tips reproduced from "The AppleVis Editorial Team" <> and from Flying Blind, LLC Publication

From the Apple newsletter

1. Blind Cricket (iOS, Free)

World's first accessible cricket game for visually impaired!

Ever dreamt of representing your country at the Cricket World Cup? Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the big stage. Your time has come...

Play "The Blind Cricket Game" and find yourself immersed in an audio-rich world. Play on your own or with teammates to make it to the top from school level to international cricket.

Or you could play against each other to see who finishes on top.

Current Version: 1.08 (February 22, 2017)

Read Blind Cricket's AppleVis iOS App Directory entry for more information

Visit Blind Cricket's App Store page

2. Blindfold Feud (iOS, Free with In-App Purchases)

Blindfold Feud is a fully accessible trivia game inspired by the TV Game Show "Family Feud".

The game can be played in two ways.

As a trivia picking game, you are given a question and a set of answers, and you must pick the most popular answer. If you are correct, you win points; if you are wrong, it's your opponent's turn.

As a trivia guessing game, you are given a question, and you must type the answer that is popular. You only have to type the beginning of the answer; if it matches one of the answers, you win points; if you are wrong, it's your opponent's turn.

Blindfold Feud comes with coins to play for free, and then you can purchase packs of trivia questions to continue playing.

Current Version: 1.1.1 (February 24, 2017)

Read Blindfold Feud's AppleVis iOS App Directory entry for more information

Visit Blindfold Feud's App Store page

3. Blindie Match (accessible) (iOS, Free)

Accessible Match 3 Game

Swap gems on the board to create lines of 3 or more of the same gem color. Each level needs you to destroy a number of gems of each color. But each swap will cost you one move. When you run out of moves, the game is lost.

This game is accessible for visually impaired users and can be played without using your eyes. All menus and the game screen are navigated using swipes and double taps. Instructions can be found in the main menu. If accessibility doesn't turn on automatically, you can enable the accessibility mode by tapping the screen three times with three fingers.

Current Version: 1.0 (January 31, 2017)

Read Blindie Match's AppleVis iOS App Directory entry for more information

Visit Blindie Match's App Store page

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From the Flying Blind online weekly newsletter:

  1. This CNet post is called "Untangling The Mesh: Everything You Need to Know About Wi-Fi Systems":
  2. Microsoft Introduces Project Torino, a way for kids to physically create code by connecting 'pods', and it's accessible:
  3. If you would like help producing high-quality podcasts or YouTube videos, Linson Productions might be a good resource for you to consider:
  4. The eSight 3 are high-tech glasses that claim to correct for a variety of visual impairments, allowing their wearers to see near and far without latency and to perform normal life tasks visually:
  5. This is a cause for some celebration: "Google Has Finally Killed the CAPTCHA":

Section: Mystery of the month:

This month, I'd like to whet your appetite with a brief description of one of my episodes of my audio mysteries that I have chosen for you.
This one is called "Stephan's sand box" and here is a brief description. It is yet to be released.

He was selfish and ruthless!
He took whatever he wanted and he used people to his own advantage.
You either played in his sandbox or you did not.
And if you refused to play then your days were numbered.
Anyone who stood up to him paid a very hefty price.
That is until someone decided to best him!
Secrets, cover-ups, blackmail and betrayal pack this drama!

Who could have done it?
Was it Paulo Orsini?
A fellow classmate of Stephan Solaris!
Was it Stephan Solaris SR?
Stephan's father!
Was it Andrew Breeto?
A professor of Stephan Solaris!

This mystery is filled with suspense, intrigue, and the killer's identity is extremely difficult to unmask until the very last moment. This is a must listen to!

You can purchase any of my audio mysteries for the very affordable price of $2.49 U.S. Each of my audio mysteries costs $2.49 U.S and you can purchase an entire season of 13 mysteries for the very low price of $24.99 U.S.

Visit to purchase your very own copies.

Section: From the Desk of Author Donna Jodhan:

If you would like to gain perspective on how a blind person goes about their daily activities, and how they interact with others then please go to

If you are looking for ways to make your products, services, and physical locations more accessible to those who are blind and partially sighted, please go to:

If you would like to learn more about perspectives from Donna Jodhan through her editorials plus more then please visit

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Donna also produces various other useful posts every Saturday:
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And editorials on creating an accessible workplace.
Technology related articles each Wednesday and Thursday.

Section: A news flash from Author Donna Jodhan:

Season 2 of author Donna's podcast take another 5 has been launched and after many minor challenges it is now live! Visit to learn about those very exciting weekly bonuses and monthly care packages!

Section: Author Donna Jodhan's Picks of the Month:

We'll kick off April with some tips for the laundry.
You are best to wash your jeans by themselves as they often run when being washed.
Best to wash whites in hot water.
Do not put gloves, mitts, and hats in the drier after they have been washed.

According to a recent survey re career preferences, here is what both men and women seem to prefer.
For men - Pilot, entrepreneur, fire fighter.
For women - Physical therapist, interior designer, entrepreneur.

And this from a recent Dan Thompson daily newsletter:
Cut a hole in the top of your microwave popcorn bag in order to avoid gross “butter hands”.
Submitted by Joe White - Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

About chickens?
Chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs, whereas chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs.

How to rid your garden of those cats who want to make it their litter box?
Citrus scents such as from lemongrass, citronella, orange or lemon peels. Coffee grounds, vinegar, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and tobacco can also deter cats. Experiment with which scents or combinations of scents work. Just remember that whatever you choose will have to be replaced from time to time as the potency of the scent wears off. Also, be aware that some of these substances can harm your plants, so you should place them around, not in, your garden.

An interesting piece of info when keeping track of dates in a month:
Any month that starts on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th in it.

A nice to know about shoe stores:
The metal instrument used in shoe stores to measure feet is called the Brannock device.

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With very best wishes for an astounding month of April,
Donna J. Jodhan AKA Detective DJ