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Author Donna Jodhan Publications - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - Issue 25

An Author Donna Jodhan Publication

Hi! My name is Donna Jodhan; Author of audio mysteries, writer, blogger, and a life style specialist. I produce monthly newsletters for a wide audience and I'd like to welcome you to my newsletter for this month.

In my newsletter you will find the following:

  • Practical tips to enhance your daily life,
  • Mystery of the month,
  • From the desk of author Donna Jodhan,
  • A news flash from author Donna Jodhan,
  • Author Donna Jodhan's picks of the month.

To learn more about author Donna Jodhan and how you can access her audio mysteries visit and become a supporter of her anti-bullying campaign.

Section: Practical tips to enhance your daily life:

Welcome to our varied collection of links for your reading pleasure. They are meant to help you keep up with improvements and enhancements to various products and services that are a part of your daily life.


Tips reproduced from the Flying Blind, LLC Publication

  1. Here is a list of one user's recommended apps for accessible use on Android, with links to other lists:
  2. If you use an iPhone and want to test Android on a Samsung device, visiting the site below from an iPhone will allow you to rent a Samsung S6, Note, or S6 Edge for a month for a dollar. Obviously, read the fine print:
  3. Microsoft is seeking an escalation engineer to resolve accessibility issues brought by public sector clients. If anyone is interested in getting out of the public sector, you can apply at:
  4. Catch up on "What's New in Accessible Apps for August 2015" from AppleVis:
  5. Amazingly, there is a site promising to offer assistance and techniques for blind people to play World of Warcraft. They want help making this possible:
  6. The New Mexico Commission for the Blind has created Keystroke, a free typing tutorial program, available in both Windows and Mac versions, screen reader independent:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 12 with Android, Prodigi being the core App
  7. Learn about Stem Cell Therapy for Retinal Disease in Eyes on Success #1536:

Section: Mystery of the month:

This month, I'd like to whet your appetite with a brief description of one of my episodes of my audio mysteries that I have chosen for you.

This one is called "Horror in the Foothills" and here is a brief description.

Tom and Marsha Reed had built their dream home; in the beautiful foothills of the countryside.
They had just gotten married and had decided to spend their honeymoon at their new home.
They were young, popular, and the darlings of their social circle.
However, rumors had started to grow just before their lavish wedding ceremony.

Who could have done this horrible deed and why?

Was it Troy Reed who had wanted his brother dead in order to prevent him from inheriting their father's multi million dollar estate?
Was it Jamie Lorca who had been in love with Marsha Reed and had wanted Marsha to leave her husband for him?
Was it Randal Cain who was a poor and homeless man and had happened upon the Reed's home and had decided to rob and kill them both?

This mystery is gripping, intense, and suspenseful. You would be shocked at the end to learn who committed the murders. The plot takes you to places that you would never imagine!

You can purchase this audio mystery for the very affordable price of $2.49 U.S. Each of my audio mysteries costs $2.49 U.S and you can purchase an entire season of 13 mysteries for the very low price of $24.99 U.S.

Visit to purchase your very own copies.

Section: From the Desk of Author Donna Jodhan:

If you would like to gain perspective on how a blind person goes about their daily activities, and how they interact with others then please go to

If you are looking for ways to make your products, services, and physical locations more accessible to those who are blind and partially sighted, please go to:

If you would like to learn more about Author Donna Jodhan through her editorials and more please visit

To read more about what Donna does through the activities of her company please visit

Donna also produces various other useful posts every Saturday:
Helpful monthly tips.
Where to find your best American cities.
How to make your products and services more accessible
And editorials on creating an accessible workplace.
Technology related articles each Wednesday and Thursday.

Section: A news flash from Author Donna Jodhan:

On September 19 Author Donna Jodhan in collaboration with the CNIB and Alexis Fabricious held the long awaited self defense workshop at the CNIB and it was well attended. Participants learned some very important strategies on how to protect themselves from bullying and bullies.

Author Donna Jodhan hopes that this is only going to be the first of several workshops to come. She believes that this is one of the best ways for her to spread her campaign and encourage others to join.

Congratulations to everyone!

Section: Author Donna Jodhan's Picks of the Month:

Okay, some important info on how to deal with your herbs.
Best not to store them near heat.
Do not keep for more than one year.

About those chatty little crickets?
If you get too close to them they stop squeaking or singing and why?
Because they can tell when you are approaching and how is this?
Because they can detect the vibrations of your footsteps.

About those dangerous slugs who often eat plants?
They come out at night.
They eat plants like crazy!
And what do they look like?
They look like slimy little worms!
And how do you get rid of them?
If you are in time to catch them then you can throw salt over them.
Or else you can buy something in your nearby plant shop to kill them.

What is the difference between sand at a seaside beach and that on a shore of a lake?
The sand on the beach at the seaside has salt but the sand on the shore of a lake does not and this is why the sand from a beach at the seaside clings to you as you leave whereas the sand on the shore of a lake does not.

Some useful trivia for you:
If you eat blueberries then your memory improves and:
If you eat vegetables then you can better control your type 2 diabetes.

Some useful info for air condition users:
Keep your doors closed at all times when your unit is turned on.
Each time you open your doors while it is on then your unit has to work harder to cool down your place.
The same thing applies to your heater.
Each time you open your doors while your heater is on then your heater has to work harder to keep your place warm.
And the closing of your doors while your air condition and heating units are on the lower your energy costs would be.

Okay and finally, some tips for storage of food in your fridge:
Store eggs in the coldest part of your fridge.
Do not store vegetables and fruits in the same spot.
You can store onions, potatoes, and tomatoes outside of your fridge.

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With very best wishes for a extraordinary month of October,
Donna J. Jodhan AKA Detective DJ