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Author Donna Jodhan Publications - Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - Issue 24

An Author Donna Jodhan Publication

Hi! My name is Donna Jodhan; Author of audio mysteries, writer, blogger, and a life style specialist. I produce monthly newsletters for a wide audience and I'd like to welcome you to my newsletter for this month.

In my newsletter you will find the following:

  • Practical tips to enhance your daily life,
  • Mystery of the month,
  • From the desk of author Donna Jodhan,
  • A news flash from author Donna Jodhan,
  • Author Donna Jodhan's picks of the month.

To learn more about author Donna Jodhan and how you can access her audio mysteries visit and become a supporter of her anti bullying campaign.

Section: Practical tips to enhance your daily life:

Welcome to our varied collection of links for your reading pleasure. They are meant to help you keep up with improvements and enhancements to various products and services that are a part of your daily life.


Tips reproduced from the Flying Blind, LLC Publication

  1. Here is a great newsy resource for you to check out:
    NFB Newsline, all of whose publications are available online or via the iOS app, has added several publications: Atlantic Monthly, ABC and CBS Breaking News, London Daily Mail, Melbourne Herald Sun, Texas Observer, and Bozeman Daily Sun:
  2. The very useful AppleVis summary, "What's New in Accessible Apps for July 2015" also awaits your perusal:
  3. Hear about "Opportunities for Blind Pharmacists" in Eyes on Success Episode 1532:
  4. CAVI is also considering launching a course on OSX if enough people are interested:
  5. The world's largest natural sound archive -- Over 7,500 Hours of Audio -- is now fully available online:
  6. Mac for the Blind now offers audio tutorials. The first, Introduction to VoiceOver, is free, the next three, with more to come, cost $35:
  7. For a look at a different kind of watch, A T Guys makes available their first video, demonstrating the Meteor Vibrating Pocket Watch:
  8. Microsoft's Disability Answer Desk Customer Support has added support in French and Spanish languages:
    1. If you want to know about or keep up with news about accessible games for the blind, this "Top 25 Sites for Gamers Who are Blind - 2015" resource list is a must consult:
    2. One of the resources mentioned on this list are the games written and given away by Jim Kitchen. Mr. Kitchen recently passed on, and Brian Smart has compiled and updated the listing to make the Kitchen Sink games available into the future:
    1. Sparsh Products from India has made an accessible version of the game Snakes and Ladders, requiring Windows 7 or 8 and Microsoft Office 2007 or later. It costs 900 rupees, slightly under $15 US. Watch game play on YouTube at:
    2. Buy and download (Snakes and Ladders by Sparsh Products) here:

Section: Mystery of the month:

This month, I'd like to whet your appetite with a brief description of one of my episodes of my audio mysteries that I have chosen for you.

This one is called "The Lawyers Lounge" and here is a brief description.

Why would anyone have wanted Ryan Christoffson dead? Sure, he had just won the case of his life and sure! He had been embroiled in a bitter dispute with his half brother but who really killed him and why? Was he killed because he had been too successful? Or was something else the reason for Ryan's unfortunate demise?

Who could have done it?

Was it Andrew Gareth - He had wanted revenge over Ryan because of his recent victory?
Was it Shaun Christoffson - Because of an inheritance matter?
Was it Ian Lackatos - Wanted Ryan dead because of what he knew?

This mystery is filled with family feuds, jealousy, and rivalry.

A deep rooted hatred based on religion and a killer who went to all lengths to exact revenge.

You can purchase this audio mystery for the very affordable price of $2.49 U.S. Each of my audio mysteries costs $2.49 U.S and you can purchase an entire season of 13 mysteries for the very low price of $24.99 U.S.

Visit today to purchase your very own copies.

Section: From the Desk of Author Donna Jodhan:

If you would like to gain perspective on how a blind person goes about their daily activities, and how they interact with others then please go to

If you're looking for ways to make your products, services, and physical locations more accessible to those who are blind and partially sighted, please go to:

If you would like to learn more about Author Donna Jodhan through her editorials and more please visit

To read more about what Donna does through the activities of her company please visit

Donna also produces various other useful posts every Saturday:
Helpful monthly tips.
Where to find your best American cities.
How to make your products and services more accessible
And editorials on creating an accessible workplace.
Technology related articles each Wednesday and Thursday.

Section: A news flash from Author Donna Jodhan:

Author Donna Jodhan is pleased to announce an alliance with Vashaun Jones of Fedora Outlier LLC. Together with Vashaun, author Donna is going to bring a brand new and unique look to her bullying campaign.

Author Donna and Fedora will be offering supporters of her campaign the opportunity to receive thank you gifts in return for their contributions and she will be using these to promote blogs, workshops, and podcasts as part of her initiatives to spread her campaign as well as to encourage others to join and develop their own anti bullying campaign.

Stay tuned for more! Author Donna is on the march and this campaign is shaping up to be something that you won't want to miss!

Section: Author Donna Jodhan's Picks of the Month:

Here's something very important for you to know!
More germs lurk and exist in hospital washrooms than in elevators!

Some useful facts about your sleep apnea machine:
They function much better in the Caribbean than in colder climes. In the Caribbean, they use less water and do not need as much cleaning.

So then, what really is the main cause of one snoring so loudly?
According to the experts, it comes about because of a narrow passage of the throat.

What's this about parrots?
Believe it or not, these sweet songsters simply love to eat hot pepper! The Scotch Bonnet pepper is among their favorites! And this pepper is among one of the hottest peppers that you will find.

Well then, here is something important about your remote control for you to keep in mind!
Its surface is filled with lots of germs and why?
From your hands of course!

Yes, and here is something useful to know about tamarind!
Tamarind juice is a great drink to help with urinary problems.

Plastic cutting boards versus wooden cutting boards?
You are better off to use the plastic ones.

About those blowing fans on you as you sleep?
The air from them tends to dry out your eyes and your mouth if it is open while you sleep.

What's this about the best way to clean your grill?
Best to do it when it is hot!

Something interesting to know about the Maui Maui fish!
Its meat is thick and very sweet!

Okay, about the best way to cook vegetables!
It is better to steam them than to boil them and why?
Because boiling them takes more nutrients out of them.

Sea salt versus table salt?
Sea salt is derived from evaporated sea water
While table salt comes from salt mines underground.

A tip on boiling pasta:
Add a few drops of olive oil to your pot when boiling pasta so that it does not stick.

About Bourbon:
It is a corn based liquor.

Something important when it comes to ridding your plants of that annoying fungus:
Make yourself a mixture of water and dish soap
Place into a spray bottle
Shake well and then use it to spray your affected plants.

Electric cooking versus gas cooking?
Cooking by gas is much faster and your food often tastes more delicious.

How can you tell if your eggplants are fresh and good?
The top of the eggplant should be green and the eggplant itself should be shiny and firm.

Here is something very important to know about poking someone on Facebook:
If someone pokes you and you either do not acknowledge or delete the poke, then the one who has poked you cannot do it again.

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With very best wishes for a super month of September,
Donna J. Jodhan AKA Detective DJ