The "Public Eye"

Noun. public eyepublic eye - a focus of public attention; "he enjoyed being in the limelight"; "when Congress investigates it brings the full glare of publicity to the agency".

Say what you will, the news is what counts when it is information you need.

AT Banter Podcast

On May 2, Donna Jodhan was the guest of the folks at AT Banter, a weekly podcast from Canadian Assistive Technology. During her chat with them she touched on a wide variety of topics ranging from her advocacy, to her blogs, entrepreneurship, audio mystery writing, and then finally to a delightful discussion on access technology.

Donna talked about her landmark victory over the Canadian Government with regard to their inaccessible websites and the length of time that it took to accomplish and the work that still needs to be done. She touched on her present advocacy initiative; Barrier Free Canada - Canada Sans Barrières which started the call for a Canadians with Disabilities Act and the Trudeau government's promise to have said legislation enacted some time next year. She discussed her blogs; weekly blogs on her personal experiences and finally her fun hobby: Her audio mysteries and how she is using her mysteries to promote dinner mystery evenings.

Finally, Donna and the folks at AT Banter got into a discussion about the state of affairs in Canada as it pertains to access technology.

Click here to listen to the episode: AT Banter Episode 49 – Donna Johdan