The "Public Eye"

Noun. public eye - a focus of public attention; "he enjoyed being in the limelight"; "when Congress investigates it brings the full glare of publicity to the agency".

Say what you will, the news is what counts when it is information you need.

Campaign Against Bullying

In keeping with her commitment to recognize those who have joined her campaign against bullying (CAB), Author Donna Jodhan recognizes the following persons for the month of September 2016. These are her All Stars!

  • Chantal Oakes
  • Mumtaz Putra
  • Linda Brayton Rogers
  • Raj Tribhuwan
  • Sean Joe Mensah
  • Esther Joyce Coulter Main
  • Waiswa David
  • Juanita Hollaway Martin
  • Vic Pereira
  • Pam Owens
  • Stefan Hartmann
  • Maria Saieba Kovacs
  • Joyce Morgan
  • Fern Chiu

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