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Donna Jodhan vs. Government of Canada: The true story behind a landmark victory

CNIB National Braille Conference

2014 October 30-31, 2011


Donna J. Jodhan,
Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians

Presenter Bio:

Donna Jodhan is passionate about making the world more accessible for the children of tomorrow. In 2000, she started a charter challenge with the Federal Government to ensure that Canadian government websites are accessible to persons with disabilities. After years of relentless struggle, she achieved a landmark victory in 2012. *** Since then, she has been presenting her story to academic and professional audiences across Canada. ***

Donna fights ceaselessly to remove barriers to education and job opportunities, spreads her positive energy through motivational writing, and takes on community leadership roles. She is past Communications Director of the Canadian Blind Sports Association and past President of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC). *** She is a member of the Elections Canada Advisory Group for Disability Issues since February 2014. ***

Named by Backbone Magazine as one of the top 15 Digital Media experts in 2011, she also holds the National award for 2010 from the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) and the City of Toronto's Unsung Hero Award for 2008. Before she started her own consulting and writing business Sterling Creations in 1994, she won the IBM Innovation award as a Systems Engineer with IBM Canada and the Royal Bank Training & Technology Appreciation award as a Senior Technical Support Analyst at RBC.

Currently studying Law at the University of London, England, Donna holds an MBA, a B.Com, a Management Diploma and a Professional Translator Certificate in French/ English from prime universities – McGill, Concordia and University of Toronto. She is also a Certified Novelle Network Administrator and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. She co-presented a paper on 'Accessible Framework for Credibility Perception for Web Users with Vision Loss' at the 2009 CSUN conference in Los Angeles, CA.

In another creative avatar as Detective DJ, Donna is hosting on her website a series of podcasts with short mystery episodes written by her and narrated in her own voice, and using them in her campaign against bullying (CAB) to host events that promote more social awareness and team building.


  • Introduction
  • A bit about me
  • 2000/2006: Access to information at that time
  • 2006: Stage one–The decision; gathering of resources
  • 2007: The journey begins in earnest
  • 2008/2010: Stage two–Negotiations, promises, and cross examinations
  • 2009: The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) joins the fight
  • 2009: Seeking information under the Freedom of Information Act
  • 2009: Seeking help from Carolyn Bennett
  • 2010: The ARCH disability law Centre of Toronto spreads the word
  • 2010: Accessible Media Inc (AMI) interviews me extensively
  • 2010: The Grove Community grade school's special contribution
  • September 2010: Stage three – at court
  • November 29 2010: Stage four – the landmark victory
  • January 2011: Stage five – the Government's formal appeal
  • February 2011/November 2011: Stage six – Gathering the troops; The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) granted intervention status
  • November 2011: Stage seven – At the Federal Court of appeal
  • May 2012: Stage eight – Victory at the Federal Court of Appeal
  • Sep 2012: Stage nine – The legal battle ends • After September 2012: Stage 10 – Personal thoughts, reactions, and future Possibilities
  • Questions from the audience?
  • Do you think that more needs to be done? If so, then what?
  • Should we be advocating for a legislated solution?
  • Should federally governed institutions be mandated to make their websites accessible?