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Election Glitches

Our regular correspondent and leading accessibility campaigner from Canada, Donna Jodhan, writes in to describe a recent voting experience following our "access to elections" special issue last month.

"On 12 June I voted in an Ontario Provincial election and whereas my expectation was that I would have had greater access to the voting process, I was disappointed", Donna writes. "Before 12 June I had seen several commercials on TV where it was stated that the Ontario elections would be accessible in Braille, and I was looking forward to this new feature, but alas! The process was not fully accessible in Braille as had been advertised.

"The staff were extremely helpful and friendly and were very quick on the draw when I asked for a Braille template but here is where the good news ended. The template contained numbers in Braille but there was no Braille list of candidates. Accordingly, the returning officer had to read out the list of names to me and I had to ask her to do this twice as there were five names on the list and I wanted to make sure that I remembered them all along with the corresponding parties that they were representing.

"Everything else went smoothly. I was allowed to vote in secret and to fold my own ballot and place it in the ballot box but there was one last thing for me to report. There was no way for me to verify that I had indeed marked my ballot in the spot that I had wanted.

"A good first effort on the part of [provincial election agency] Elections Ontario, but there is more work to be done and hopefully by the next time an election rolls around, these glitches will have been rectified."

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