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MAB-Mackay celebrates White Cane Week

By Isaac Olson

'Talking' web for blind

Donna Jodhan tells her story during the MAB/Mackay Centre’s celebration of White Cane Week.

MONTREAL – The MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre kicked off White Cane Week on February 4 by highlighting the importance of having all public documents and information fully accessible to blind and visually impaired citizens.

Among the presenters was Donna Jodhan, a blind Torontonian who sued the federal government because she was unable to apply online for a government job. She won her case in November 2010 and now the government must provide websites that are accessible to visually impaired users by using special software that puts voice to the text, allowing blind people to surf the web.

"Technology is moving at such a fast rate these days that we need information in orderto know what to do, when to do it and how to do it," said Jodhan, a former Montrealer who works as a special-needs consultant. "In short, we need to keep abreast of everything around us. We need to be able to obtain information on a timely basis and without access to information, our world would literally be a dark place. Even more so for someone who is blind or partially sighted."

Jodhan said she launched the case against the Canadian government for all Canadians and "for the kids of the future because if we don't do something to help them, what can they expect to look forward to?"

The first week of February has been recognized as White Cane Week in Canada since 1946 in an effort to demonstrate that blind or partially sighted people continue to live active, contributing lives despite their visual impairment.

The MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre hosted events such as Braille Bingo and a Weaving Exhibit and Sale, showing off and selling some of the clients' creations.