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For June 2016:

How to make travel agents become more aware

It can easily be said that as time marches on we need to become more aware of the need to educate the travel industry with regard to the needs of those with disabilities. Most importantly, to the needs of seniors, the physically disabled, the visually impaired, and those with disabling diseases.

Here are a few important tips to get you started.

  1. Travel agents need to know that there is a rapidly growing group of the traveling public with specific needs.
  2. They need to take the time to understand that these needs are specific to specific groups.
  3. They need to remember that as time marches on these groups are only going to increase in number and that sooner than later consumers with special needs are going to become their bread and butter clientele.
  4. In order to meet requests for special needs they will have to obtain specific types of training.
  5. Types of training would include:
    • How to deal with the physically disabled.
    • How to deal with seniors. How to deal with the visually impaired.
    • How to deal with others with various specific needs.
  6. Travel agents would need to find ways to develop their awareness skills and coping mechanisms.

This is a great start and by no means a complete list.

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