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For September 2015:

Support Staff

We are living in an era when access to support staff is becoming more important to the well-being of a business and I'd like to take a bit of time now to give you some pointers and you can always build on this list.

  1. Always remember that your support staff is going to have to deal with customers with varying levels of technical knowledge.
  2. Your customer support staff should start paying closer attention to the needs and requests of consumers who are seniors, the technically shy, and consumers with a disability.
  3. Your customer support staff should be given training on a regular basis as to how to handle calls from the above-mentioned.
  4. There should be easy and ready access made to your support staff.
  5. It would help for your support staff to be aware that patience, friendliness, and a great willingness to help are three very important attributes to helping your organization to stand above the competition.
  6. Access to your support staff should be made available on a round the clock basis.

This is a good start and now you can build on it.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan your free lance writer and roving reporter wishing you a terrific day.
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