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For July 2012:

How can we make sidewalks more accessible?

This is not an easy task at the best of times as construction is constantly taking place thus making it difficult to keep any sidewalk free of obstacles at the best of times. This being said, however, here are some pointers to help make our sidewalks more accessible.

  • Bicycles, hoses, garbage cans, and other similar objects need to be kept out of the way. Preferably off to the side.
  • Pot holes, and anything pertaining to construction, should be sufficiently and adequately barricaded.
  • Tree branches should also be taken off sidewalks and low hanging branches should be cut back out of the way of the edge of the sidewalk.
  • Pillars and posts should also be kept to the side of the sidewalk if possible. One of the worst things for a blind person is to have the misfortune to go crashing into a pillar or post that is either smack bang in the middle of the sidewalk or placed in a position where it is in the way of someone using a cane.

For those stores and corner groceries that have their front doors practically located on the edge of the sidewalk, baskets, buggies, and plants plus similar objects need to be kept to the edge of the sidewalk.

I would add that making a sidewalk accessible is not always an easy task but I hope that these pointers are a good start.

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