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For April 2014:

How to make recipes more accessible

This is indeed a very hot topic as more people are requesting and demanding recipes to be made accessible to them in formats that are easy to read. For a blind person who loves to follow recipes, there are ways to make them accessible and truly; it is not as difficult as you may think.

First, for the formats. You need to provide the recipes in formats that are readable for a blind person. In Braille, large print, and electronically in file formats such as txt, rtf, html, and doc. It may probably be easiest for you to provide your recipes in either large print or electronically before considering the Braille option.

You do not really have to bother too much about word crafting as the same strategy holds for everyone. The only thing that you would want to keep in mind is this: If you are going to use graphics and pictures in your recipes, then for the benefit of a blind person you can use words to describe the images and pictures in your recipes.

That's it really. Nothing more for you to do.

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