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For August 2013:

How to make prescriptions more accessible

Much of society may still be under the impression that an accessible prescription is one where a blind person needs only ask a sighted person for help. That is, it is enough if a sighted person can read it to a blind person but this is really not true accessibility. So how can this issue be adequately addressed?

The answer may be much simpler than expected. Here are my thoughts to get you started.

  1. Make prescriptions available in electronic formats. That is, in readable electronic formats such as word documents, RTF documents, and TXT documents. This is quite easy to do as each time a document is created on your computer it only requires a simple step to do this. In fact, and in most cases, when you create your document you would normally store it in an electronic format anyway. If you create a PDF document then it really does not require much to put it into an accessible format. That is, into a format that a Blind person can read.
  2. You can offer these accessible prescriptions in two very simple ways. You can send it as an email or you can put it on a USB flash drive. If the person has enough vision to read large print then this is yet another way: producing your prescriptions in large print.

I think that as a whole, most of us would appreciate the ability to read our own prescriptions without having to ask for help.

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