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For August 2020:

Making a career of perfume evaluation

Before you say no or turn thumbs down on these suggestions; consider these thoughts.

You can definitely increase your revenue and reduce both your internal and external costs and here's how.

Take it from me! I have been an accessibility awareness consultant and advisor since 1998 and I continue to help companies to increase their revenues, reduce their costs, and reach hidden consumer markets!

It may not be a bad idea for perfume manufacturers and makers to consider the following suggestion.

In the normal scheme of things, perfume manufacturers and makers are always in search of testers and evaluaters to give them feedback on their fragrances. This means that they need persons with very keen senses of smell and it may be time to recognize that there are many blind and vision impaired persons whose talents and skills could be utilized to become outstanding fragrance testers and evaluators.

It is always so very important for perfume manufacturers and makers to get it just right before sending their fragrances to market. This need for testers and evaluators with very keen senses of smell could be extended to companies that need to ensure that their bath products also go to market bearing just the right fragrance.

We believe that there is a very hidden and untapped market of potential persons who can do much to increase the revenues of companies as well as to enhance the power of their products.

This strategy should be given some serious consideration.