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For January 2016:


At the best of times it may be a challenge to make parks more accessible to those with a disability. I say this because in general, it is almost always a city or municipality that has the final say as to how a park is laid out.

However, if you find at anytime that you can make a contribution to making your park more accessible, then here are a few tips.

Layout of benches and tables and the various things found in the playground section of a park are very important. The goal here is to ensure that these are all very easy to find.

Benches and tables should be at an appropriate height to accommodate those in wheelchairs.

There should be enough space left between benches and tables and the colors of benches and tables should be bright enough so that they are easy to identify.

The same goes for swings, merry go arounds, and other playground facilities. Make sure that they are easy to see by ensuring that their colors are bright and of course! You need to ensure that they are safe for all persons to use; especially for persons with a disability.

The trick to making a park accessible is that you ensure that it is safe for persons with disabilities. Be sure to install the appropriate railings and ramps and be mindful of not having too many steps if you can help it or if you do that there are corresponding ramps to accommodate wheelchairs.

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