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For October 2014:

How to make a pantry more accessible

This question is often asked of me by many of those persons who have lost their vision later in life and I'd like to tell you how I go about making my own pantry accessible. I'll tell you that it is all about organizing and developing a system that best suits you. I hope that my suggestions can be of help.

I place tins and cans on a shelf of their own and do the same for boxes and jars. I place my beans in one spot, vegetables in their own spot, and so on. I do my best to place boxes and jars in some sort of logical order.

Cans of soup have their special little corner on a shelf for tins and cans. It is the same for beans, vegetables, and then you have to find a specific spot for tuna and other types of cans and tins.

Boxes are treated in a similar manner and it is the same for jars. Sometimes, I may place either masking tape or Braille labels on my stuff in order to distinguish those boxes, tins or cans, and jars that are of similar size or feel similar to the touch.

For the most part, my system works but there are certainly times when I do get things a bit mixed up. What it means is that I have to pack things carefully on shelves each time I purchase at the supermarket.

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