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For May 2012:

How to make microwaves more accessible to blind persons?

Well, blind persons are unable to communicate with those microwaves that use touch screen technology. They are also unable to use buttons if they are not raised and even if they are raised, then the blind person needs to use their memory in order to memorize what each button is.

So, what is the solution? There are two possible ones as I see it.

First, if the blind person can read Braille, then Braille labels can be used to label buttons. This can be done by either putting tiny labels on each button with the appropriate representation or by using some sort of adhesive to mark the various buttons and spots on the panel of the microwave.

Second, a developer can use voice output technology to depict buttons. This means that as each button is pressed, its representation is spoken in a clear and distinguishable voice. This technology is already on the market and has been so for several years now. The Hamilton Beach Company puts out a fairly decent talking microwave and I have had one in my home for a few years now.

So there you have it, some ways to think about when thinking of making a microwave more accessible to blind persons.

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