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For July 2014:

How to make manuals and instructions more accessible

There are just but a few major ingredients that you would need in order to make your manuals and instructions more accessible. I don't think that you would be too surprised when I tell you what they are. Hopefully you can use these ingredients to make your manuals and instructions more accessible to many more readers and customers. So here goes.

First, Make sure that your content is written using language that is very easy to understand. The simpler you make it the better it is for you.

Second, make sure that you use grammar and words that are directly related to what you wish to say. There is nothing worse than using either bad grammar or unrelated words to explain what you are trying to say.

Third, make your explanations crisp and clear. Do your best not to be too long winded. There is nothing worse than having to read explanations that are long and detailed.

Fourth, do your best not to have paragraphs that are too long. You really do not want to have paragraphs that are lengthy and your readers end up getting lost.

Fifth and very important, make your manuals available in various formats. Hard copy, electronic or soft copy, on CD, and even an MP3 file would be a nice to have. Large print is also a bonus. Your manuals and instructions could also be made available in such formats as HTML, Word, Text, or even RTF.

I hope that these ingredients help you to produce manuals that are accessible to everyone.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan, your freelance writer and roving reporter wishing you a terrific day.

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