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For October 2017:

How to help lawyers become more aware

For the most part, this is an ongoing process when it comes to helping lawyers to become more aware. In the general scheme of things, we visit lawyers to have them assist us with such things as mortgages, wills, and all kinds of legal papers.

So the trick here is to have them make their documents accessible and readable. Here are a few points to get you started.

  1. Let lawyers know that they can make their documents accessible and readable by providing them in electronic formats. That is, in Word, Text, or accessible PDF formats.
  2. If in PDF format, then the PDF document needs to be formatted using the appropriate tags in order to make the content readable.
  3. Lawyers should be told that clients with vision impairments can definitely sign their own documents through the use of signature guides and if the client has enough vision to read with magnifiers, then they can use their magnifiers to locate the appropriate line on which to sign.
  4. Clients should consider going the extra mile to help lawyers become more aware of how they work with documents.
  5. Clients need to help lawyers obtain a reasonable comfort level when interaction between lawyer and client take place.

This is a good starting point but of course, there are more points to be considered.

Good luck!

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