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For September 2016:

How to help knitting teachers become more aware

There is really no hard and fast way to help knitting teachers to be more aware and I'll say that it is really through trial and error.

When I first started out; my knitting teacher was extremely tentative and it did not work out. Then someone else tried to help me but as soon as she realized that I was visually impaired she simply quit.

On my third attempt I struck gold and I have found a simply awesome teacher and her name is Miko. I guess that the tips that I could offer here are as follows.

  1. Just tell your teacher how much you can see; not at all as in my case or a bit to however much you can see.
  2. Tell your teacher the level of your knitting skills; from not at all to experienced and in between.
  3. Help your knitting teacher to set the pace for you. There is nothing worse in leaving it to them to set the pace and you are not comfortable with it.
  4. Work with your teacher; do not leave it to them to come up with ways to help you. Of course, you can let them take the lead but you need to be open with them.
  5. Most important of all; have lots of fun and enjoy your knitting. Always remember to keep giving your teacher compliments.

This should be a good start and there are always other things to add.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan your freelance writer and roving reporter wishing you a terrific day.

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