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For December 2015:


There is really not much to do when it comes to making one's hallway more accessible and it does not matter what type of hallway it is.

It could be the hallway of a workplace, the hallway of an apartment or condo building, the hallway in a home, or any other type of hallway. A lot of it all comes down to pure common sense.

Accordingly I am going to give but a few basic tips and you can build from there.

  1. The walls in your hallway should be painted in bright colors so that they are easy to distinguish. Best to keep them free of too many wall hangings or hanging pictures.
  2. Make sure that your hallway is well lit so that persons with vision loss are able to navigate without too much difficulty.
  3. Make sure that doors leading off of your hallway are brightly painted so that they can be easily distinguishable.
  4. Make sure that these doors are also easy to distinguish by someone using a cane and that door handles and knobs are easy to find and turn.
  5. Make sure that door handles and knobs are at a reasonable height for those in wheelchairs to be able to reach.
  6. Make sure that if you are using carpeting that it is securely attached to the floor and that there are no wrinkles. There is nothing worse than having someone's cane get stuck in a wrinkle or someone's wheelchair be stuck in a wrinkle.

This should do it for now.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan your free lance writer and roving reporter wishing you a terrific day.
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