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For March 2016:


It is not as difficult as you may think and I believe that the same strategies that I am going to share would apply no matter the size of your cruise. I am also going to concentrate on the services you provide on your cruise so here goes.

  1. Your staff needs to be trained in the rudiments of how to offer services to a passenger with a disability.
  2. They need to be trained to do so with the understanding that there are different types of disabilities and that not every passenger requires the same thing.
  3. Not every passenger with a disability requires a wheelchair and every blind passenger has a different requirement. However, there are general guidelines for dealing with all of this.
  4. A suggestion would be for you to obtain guidelines from those agencies that specialize in services for persons with disabilities and you would also be well advised to seek out the consulting services of persons with disabilities.
  5. Make sure that you train your staff to provide appropriate escort assistance, accommodations in the cafeteria, dining room, bars, and common areas.
  6. Provide all information pertaining to menus, safety guidelines, and any other documents that are necessary to the well being of the passenger while on your cruise in a readable format. Example, in large print, electronic format (word or text).

This should be a great start for you to go with.

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