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For January 2015:

How to make control panels more accessible

You may think that it would be very difficult to make control panels accessible. That is, those panels that you find on appliances. No, it is really not so and all that it really requires is a bit of thought and imagination. Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

  1. Make buttons easy to identify. That is, large enough to be felt, identifiable by touch and shape, and distinguishable by such things as color, size, and shape.
  2. Place buttons in a spot that is easy to find.
  3. Place enough space between each button.
  4. If your control panel is a touch screen then you need to find a way to enable blind users to find where the various buttons are. Voice over is probably the best way to do this and you could take your example from how Apple has developed its i-devices.
  5. Make it easy for persons to find the actual control panel by making it easy to find both visually as well as through touch or by feel. That is, a raised or sunken area.

This should be enough to help you get started.

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