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For March 2014:

How to make billing more accessible

The trick to doing this is to understand the following:

  1. Your audience will more than likely consist of those who are totally blind, and those who do not have enough vision to read printed materials on their own.
  2. Taking this into consideration, you then need to understand what is needed in order to enable these groups of persons to be able to read their bills on their own. That is, without any assistance from anyone else.
  3. You need to remember that independence, confidentiality, and privacy are all basic rights of any person and for those who are blind and partially sighted, these rights need to be recognized, respected, and preserved at all cost.
  4. With a rapidly aging population, these two groups are naturally going to grow and the need for us to make billing more accessible is only going to increase
  5. So how do we address this? By being able to produce billing in alternate formats; Braille, large print, and electronically. Email is one very effective way to cover off the electronic alternative.
  6. Finally, training for customer service reps to be able to provide support to those seeking accessible billing.

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