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For December 2013:

How to make bathrooms more accessible

Believe it or not, most bathrooms are similarly laid out. That is, those in malls, those in hotels, those in restaurants, and even those in many homes or condos. This being said however, I'd like to provide just a few tips that could be kept in mind when designing a bathroom with a blind person in mind. I will focus on bathrooms in malls, restaurants, and hotels.

I am going to provide my tips on a bathroom that includes only a toilet, sinks, and the accessories to go along with it. You may want to think of this as a possible accessible layout. So here goes.

  1. It would be nice to have the sink located at waist level if possible.
  2. The sink or sinks should be positioned so that it is easy to access. Maybe straight ahead or in front of the stall as a person exits. To be more explicit, as the person opens the door of the stall in order to exit the sinks could be built to be straight ahead.
  3. The sink should not be too sunken so that it would be easy to find as a blind person uses their hands to find it if they are unable to locate it through sight.
  4. The faucets should be easy to find and turn on and the same for the soap faucet. Both water faucet and soap faucet should be close to each other.
  5. The paper rolls should also be located close by along with the hand dryer.
  6. It may be better to not have the soap faucet or emitter on the wall but instead have it built into the sink in a similar manner to the water faucet.
  7. Not a bad idea if at all possible to have the stall be big enough to accommodate a guide dog for those with guide dogs.
  8. A nice to have would be to have hooks at the back of the doors of the stalls.
  9. If possible, to have button flushers on top of the toilet tanks and this would help to make things easier for those who are unable to see.
  10. To have the toilet paper receptacle within easy reach when one is sitting down.

I hope that these tips help.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan your freelance writer and roving reporter wishing you a terrific day.

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