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For October 2015:

Security Areas in Airports

This is probably one of the busiest areas in airports at any given time and more often than not there is bound to be a glitch or slip up when it comes to making sure that accessibility to security areas is in place. This being said however, there are certain basic things that can be put in place in order to improve accessibility.

This list is by no means complete but it is a good start.

  1. Make sure that staff in security areas are given awareness training. They need to be told that when it comes to travelers with disabilities, It is not just persons requiring wheelchairs that need to be accommodated. There are blind persons; with differing levels of vision and persons with guide dogs.
  2. In the case of those passengers who are blind or partially sighted, an explanation of what they need to do in order to proceed through the security area is very necessary. Remember now; these are passengers who are unable to see their surroundings and they need to be told if they are required to do such things as remove their jackets and coats, shoes and boots. Additionally, if they are required to remove any items from their carry-on luggage.
  3. They need to be asked if they have any computers with them and if so to remove the computer so that it can be examined. If items are removed from the person's carry on, then they need to be told this and at the end of the examination they need to be told where on the counter the removed items have been placed and they need to receive guidance as where to find their removed items.
  4. Remember; it is not going to help if staff members do such things as point to things, gesture with their hands and heads, or use facial expressions to indicate what they are asking the passenger to do. Staff members need to be very verbal in their requests and responses.
  5. Passengers traveling with guide dogs have additional requirements and staff members need to be made aware of these.
  6. Persons in wheelchairs also have additional and different needs and here again adequate training needs to be provided to staff.

There are other things to be considered but this is a good starting point.

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