Where have all the flowers gone? – they’re still here

Greetings and I am Scott Savoy welcoming you to another gorgeous August
Just ready made and waiting for us to enjoy.
Today, I am delighted to share our president’s editorial with you and for
this week Donna J. Jodhan wonders about certain types of flowers.
Happy weekend everyone!


Where have all the flowers gone

This is how I would like to think of those who have and continue to show
immense kindness, generosity, compassion, passion, patience, tolerance,
foresight, and insight. Yes; these are the ones who possess any one or more
than one of these qualities! They are our special flowers forever!

Many would say that these flowers are no longer with us but I would say that
they are still here with us and much closer than we think. All we need to
do is to reach out for them! Put out a call for them and sure enough you’ll
soon see them coming into view.

As soon as they hear you calling they will come! No questions asked! They
will be here to answer your call! To listen, communicate, collaborate, and
to spring into action!

These are our flowers; of all ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, religions,
and above all; of all genders! They reside around the world and can easily
be found! All we need to do is to call out for them and they will respond!

Am I crazy? Not at all! I am only referring to the thousands of persons
who are our flowers of today! Those who will not hesitate to show those
qualities as mentioned above.

Just my two cents for today.

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