Life long lessons from a Prince – thank you Prince Phillip

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Life long lessons from a Prince
By Donna J. Jodhan

There are several of what I call the younger generation who have probably
either never heard of the late Prince Philip or may have simply not taken
the time to know about him. Who he was, what he did, and how he did it.

There are several who have probably never heard of him simply because where
they live. Nevertheless, I’m going to humbly and respectfully share my

By the time I was able to think and listen to happenings around me, the Late
Prince Philip was long into his contribution to our history and what I have
taken away over the years from following is this!

Prince Philip has left us a sizable book of life long lessons. From the
pages of his book we can learn all about commitment where he gave over 70
years of his life to be the dutiful and faithful Consort to Queen Elizabeth
He taught us how to accept his obligations with dignity and alacrity.
He was extremely dedicated to the Military serving during World War II and
never flinched from his tasks.
He uniquely managed to weave his own brand of so-called humour and his own
way of reaction into Royal events.

Most importantly, he will always be remembered for having established the
worldwide Duke of Edinburgh award program for the youth. This initiative
helped and recognized millions of Youth around the Commonwealth.

Prince Philip was a strong, handsome and constant rock of support to Her
Majesty; always there for her and just two steps behind her. Over 70 years
of marriage was never to be sneezed at when it came to longevity of
marriage. The Prince gave up his Naval career in return for the love of
his life!

What we should remember about this remarkable man is that he managed to
excel in all of his roles; as Consort, as husband, father, grandfather, head
of his family behind the scenes, and more.

What are the life long lessons for us all to learn from the late Prince?
Dedication, commitment, sacrifice, selflessness, and an undying duty to
country, wife, family, and so much more.

Rest in Peace Prince Philip!
Just my two cents for today!

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