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In a dry autumn field, a little girl in a witch costume is kneeling next to a cauldron from which magical green smoke billows.

For October 2020:

How to use Halloween

Now! This is probably one of my favourite strategies and I encourage you to try it. It all has to do with using creativity.

When you go to create costumes for Halloween; either for your kids for your own costume party, it would be relatively easy to transfer your creative juices to your own creativity when it comes to writing.

I have been able to do this quite successfully in the past. I transfer Halloween creativity to my own writing and I am always amazed how well it works. It is all about creating! You would be amazed to learn that it does not take too much to boost your creativity.

Halloween activities is just one very proven way to do it. From costume making to Halloween decorating; it is all the same.

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