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For January 2017:

Using a snowstorm to help energize

I learned this technique many years ago when I was at university. I first became aware of it after I had read that former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had gone out one night into a snow blizzard in Ottawa when he wanted to think and make an important decision as to whether or not to resign.

Over the years I have used this technique from time to time and it sure works for me. There are a few ingredients that combine to help clear the mind and sharpen the senses. In addition, it helps to recharge one's mental and physical beings.

Just picture it: The absolute silence as you walk along in the snow with no one in sight. You are practically on your own with just those fat snowflakes for company. You cannot even hear the sound of your footsteps as they move along in the snow.

The snow is coming down at a rapid pace and the wind is blowing through your hair and across your face. There is nothing to do except for you to keep on walking and thinking.

It is so very fresh and pure as you walk along and part of you yearns to stay outdoors for as long as you can but then you know that at some point in time you will have to return to reality. You walk for a time but then you decide that you have had enough and you return to the warmth of the indoors.

Presto! You are now back at home and after having removed your boots, jacket, gloves, and hat: The feelings of refreshment and exhilaration are simply marvellous and overwhelming! An experience that you promise yourself to repeat again and again.

I can only urge you to try this technique.


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