Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it.

Don't try to solve serious matters in the middle of the night.

Good advice is something a man gives when he is too old to set a bad example.

Advice is like snow; the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and deeper it sinks into the mind.

It is very difficult to live among people you love and hold back from offering them advice.

People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes.

There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise.

It is easy when we are in prosperity to give advice to the afflicted.

Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.

Friendship will not stand the strain of very much good advice for very long.

Don't follow any advice, no matter how good, until you feel as deeply in your spirit as you think in your mind that the counsel is wise.

Advice is one of those things it is far more blessed to give than to receive.

When your mother asks, 'Do you want a piece of advice?' it is a mere formality. It doesn't matter if you answer yes or no. You're going to get it anyway.

Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present.

Most people who ask for advice from others have already resolved to act as it pleases them.

Good things, when short, are twice as good.

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.

Good advice usually works best when preceded by a bad scare.

Always do right–this will gratify some and astonish the rest.

Distrust interested advice.

The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.

One's first step in wisdom is to question everything – and one's last is to come to terms with everything.

Have a place for everything and keep the thing somewhere else; this is not advice, it is merely custom.

A word to the wise ain't necessary, it's the stupid ones who need the advice

If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.

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1325–75; Middle English (adj.) < Latin expertus, past participle of experīrī to try,experience

Every day we live with the need to communicate. We need to rise above simple translation and see the meaning, when we build a website we need to include everyone (not just the sighted) and when we travel we are faced with challenging physical barriers. I know what it's like and think I have the depth and resources to help others make the right decisions.


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How to develop courses on accessibility - January 2020 - The thing to remember is that this is a rapidly growing field and it is being driven by legislation that more countries are enforcing... [more]

Making a Christmas party more accessible - December 2019 - The thing to remember here is that Christmas parties are the occasions when we all want to be included in the festivities... [more]

Making a shopping trip more accessible - November 2019 - This is the month when we all take time to plan and execute shopping trips and it is a time when we should put some extra effort in to planning... [more]

How to make a train trip more accessible - October 2019 - With a rapidly increasing aging population, all companies need to find ways to accommodate the needs of seniors and those with a disability... [more]

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Making a back deck more accessible - August 2019 - There are back decks and then there are back decks and the difference between the good ones and the bad ones is that the good ones can be accessed by everyone... [more]

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How to make a backyard more accessible - June 2019 - This is for the one who is in the business of building backyards and I strongly encourage you to use these tips... [more]

How to make choosing i-devices more accessible - May 2019 - When it comes to choosing i-devices, there are several things that one can do in order to make this choice more accessible... [more]

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How to go about making a working without looking course accessible - February 2019 - First off, I have given careful consideration to course of this type and I truly believe that a course such as this can benefit the following types of persons... [more]

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How to make indicators more accessible - December 2018 - The following suggestions can help you to make your indicators friendlier and more condusive for the following types of persons... [more]

How to Make Street Corners More Accessible - November 2018 - For this month, this topic is one where you can achieve the above by being your very own consultant and helping others to follow you... [more]

How to Make Keypads More Accessible - October 2018 - There are definite ways to make your keypad more user friendly and accessible... [more]

How to Make Webinars More Accessible - September 2018 - The trick here is for you to make it easy enough for what I call the technically shy and those with technological challenges to be able to access your webinars... [more]

How to Make Customer Reps More Aware - August 2018 - Your revenue will definitely improve if your customer reps are better trained when it comes to learning and knowing how to deal with those customers who have special needs... [more]

How to Make Spas More Accessible - July 2018 - With more and more retirees, seniors, and persons with special needs making use of the services of spas, it may be a great time... [more]

How to Make Trainers More Aware - June 2018 - For this particular topic, I am going to suggest that we look at teamwork... [more]

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How to Make Manuals More Accessible - April 2018 - Come to think of it, there is really not too much that anyone would need to do in order to make their manual more accessible... [more]

How to Make Game Boards More Accessible - March 2018 - The trick here is to ensure that for someone who is vision impaired, they have a way to navigate the game board independently and easily... [more]

How to Make Classroom Lectures More Accessible - February 2018 - The thing to remember here is that whenever you write something on your board at the head of the class... [more]

How to Make Apps More Accessible - January 2018 - I do not think that when it comes to making apps more accessible, there is really any magical solution. The trick of the trade may very well lie in... [more]

How to Help Delis Become More Aware - December 2017 - I hope that the tips given here for this month would be helpful given the holiday season and I do believe that they will better enable delis to serve customers with special needs... [more]

How to Help Renovators Become More Aware - November 2017 - There is never any shortage of suggestions for helping renovators to become more aware of things that they can do in order to make homes more usable and accessible... [more]

How to Help Lawyers Become More Aware - October 2017 - For the most part, this is an ongoing process when it comes to helping lawyers to become more aware... [more]

How to Help Technicians Become More Aware - September 2017 - It is probably the same technique that you may want to consider if you are dealing with technicians over the phone or with technicians in person... [more]

How to Make Outdoor Patios More Accessible - August 2017 - This article may be a tad late for this summer but never the less; I hope that my tips can help you for future days... [more]

How to Make Online Shopping More Accessible - July 2017 - The trick here is to ensure that your online shopping facility is easy to access, easy to navigate and one that visitors will return to time and time again... [more]

How to Make Take-Out Restaurants More Accessible - June 2017 - The thing to keep in mind is that with each passing year, the number of consumers who are seniors and those with a disability is only going to increase... [more]

How to Make Online Courses More Accessible - May 2017 - With the rapid evolution of technology and the very fast moving world of digital development it is becoming more and more important... [more]

How to Make ziplining More Accessible - April 2017 - For the most part, one may think that it may not be possible to make zip lining accessible to persons with disabilities... [more]

How to Make Your Hotel Lobby More Accessible - March 2017 - You may be thinking that this is going to be quite a chore for you but believe me when I tell you that it is not nearly as difficult as you may think... [more]

How to Make Knitting Classes More Accessible - February 2017 - It appears that knitting is fast becoming a favorite hobby for many; both male and female alike. This hobby has been around for a very long time... [more]

How to Make Fitness Classes More Accessible - January 2017 - The trick here is to ensure that your staff is well trained when it comes to interacting with clients with special needs and that your equipment is easy to access... [more]

How to Help Real Estate Agents Become More Aware - December 2016 - Most real estate agents would tell you that they are often stimied whenever they need to interact with a client who is blind or visually impaired... [more]

How to Make Cooking Classes More Accessible - November 2016 - It seems like the norm today that so many people are seeking to improve their culinary skills through the taking of cooking classes... [more]

How to Make Recreation More Accessible - October 2016 - I believe that when we talk about making recreation more accessible we need to keep in mind that recreation is important to everyone... [more]

How To Help Knitting Teachers Become More Aware - September 2016 - There is really no hard and fast way to help knitting teachers to be more aware and I'll say that it is really through trial and error... [more]

How To Make Pottery Teachers More Aware - August 2016 - There are several suggestions when it comes to giving pottery teachers some hints on how to become more aware with regard to the needs of students with disabilities... [more]

How To Make Hotel Staff More Aware - July 2016 - Training one's hotel staff to be more aware of the needs and requirements of customers who has any sort of disability is only to become more acute as time marches on... [more]

How To Make Travel Agents More Aware - June 2016 - It can easily be said that as time marches on we need to become more aware of the need to educate the travel industry with regard to the needs of those with disabilities... [more]

How To Make A Walking Tour More Accessible - May 2016 - For many, the thought here may be that it may not be easy to make walking tours accessible to persons with a disability. However, this is not quite true... [more]

How To Make A Bus Tour More Accessible - April 2016 - When thinking about making bus tours more accessible, the objective would be to ensure that everyone is given an equal opportunity to enjoy it all... [more]

How To Make A Cruise More Accessible - March 2016 - It is not as difficult as you may think and I believe that the same strategies that I am going to share would apply no matter the size of your cruise... [more]

How To Make Bills More Accessible - February 2016 - On the whole and I must say that bills have become more accessible to those who have difficulty reading... [more]

How To Make Parks More Accessible - January 2016 - At the best of times it may be a challenge to make parks more accessible to those with a disability... [more]

How To Make Hallways More Accessible - December 2015 - There is really not much to do when it comes to making one's hallway more accessible. A lot of it all comes down to pure common sense... [more]

How To Make Coffee Shops More Accessible - November 2015 - We do the best we can when it comes to ensuring that our comfy little coffee shop is accessible to everyone... [more]

How To Make Security Areas in Airports More Accessible - October 2015 - This is probably one of the busiest areas in airports at any given time and more often than not there is bound to be a glitch or slip up when it comes to making sure that accessibility to security areas is in place.... [more]

How To Make Support Staff More Accessible - September 2015 - We are living in an era when access to support staff is becoming more important to the well-being of a business and I'd like to take a bit of time now to give you some pointers... [more]

How To Make Swimming Pools More Accessible - August 2015 - It is all about making your swimming pool accessible in such a way as to enable a person with a disability to be able to swim in your pool... [more]

How To Make Distance Learning More Accessible - July 2015 - As distance learning grows in popularity, the demand for making it more accessible is only going to grow... [more]

How To Make Remote Control Devices More Accessible - June 2015 - At the best of times, a remote control is not very accessible to a blind person let alone that it is accessible... [more]

How To Make Subway Platforms More Accessible - May 2015 - The general perception appears to be that it may not be possible to make subway platforms accessible to those with vision loss but there is usually a way... [more]

How To Make Thermometers More Accessible - April 2015 - For the most part, there are many who believe that a thermometer may be too visual for a blind person to interact with but trust me when I tell you that there are ways... [more]

How To Make Hotel Room Outlets More Accessible - March 2015 - This may not be very easy to do at first glace due to the requirements as to where outlets need to be placed in a hotel room but that's okay... [more]

How To Make Fitness Equipment More Accessible - February 2015 - It really does not sound as difficult as you may think. I would say that all it takes is just that extra bit of thought and a tinge more work to get the job done... [more]

How To Make Control Panels More Accessible - January 2015 - You may think that it would be very difficult to make control panels accessible. No, it is really not so and all that it really requires is a bit of thought and imagination... [more]

How To Make Light Switches More Accessible - December 2014 - Light switches are relatively accessible to those who are blind, partially sighted, and those with a disability but from time to time there needs to be a little checklist made out so that we all remember... [more]

How To Make A Clothes Closet More Accessible - November 2014 - This question is often asked of me by many of those persons who have lost their vision later in life and I'd like to tell you how I go about making my own pantry accessible... [more]

How To Make A Pantry More Accessible - October 2014 - This question is often asked of me by many of those persons who have lost their vision later in life and I'd like to tell you how I go about making my own pantry accessible... [more]

How To Make Customer Reps More Accessible - September 2014 - This is probably one of the most asked questions these days and when it comes down to it, it is a question that is not all that difficult for me to respond to... [more]

How To Make Newspapers More Accessible - August 2014 - The important thing to keep in mind as you focus on this particular area is to ensure that your newspaper can be easily accessed in an electronic format... [more]

How To Make Manuals And Instructions More Accessible - July 2014 - There are just but a few major ingredients that you would need in order to make your manuals and instructions more accessible... [more]

How To Make Apps More Accessible - June 2014 - We are living in a world where apps are continuing to make a huge difference in our lives... [more]

How To Make Ordering Systems More Accessible - May 2014 - There are really only two ways that you can make your ordering systems more accessible to a blind person and if you keep in mind that you would be benefiting the majority of your customers in doing so... [more]

How To Make Recipes More Accessible - April 2014 - This is indeed a very hot topic as more people are requesting and demanding recipes to be made accessible to them in formats that are easy to read... [more]

How To Make Billing More Accessible - March 2014 - The trick to doing this is to understand the following... [more]

How To Make Kitchens More Accessible - February 2014 - In dealing with this question, I'd like to consider the following types of persons; seniors, and those who are either totally blind or have some vision... [more]

How To Make Exams More Accessible - January 2014 - We are now living in a world where the physical classroom is no longer the mainstream way for students to take their exams... [more]

How To Make Bathrooms More Accessible - December 2013 - Believe it or not, most bathrooms are similarly laid out. That is, those in malls, those in hotels, those in restaurants, and even those in many homes or condos... [more]

How To Make Appliances More Accessible - November 2013 - We are living in a world of a continuous evolution of technology and gone are the days when it was so easy to operate an appliance... [more]

How To Make Classrooms More Accessible - October 2013 - I am going to focus on the physical classroom and how one can make it more accessible to Blind students. In many cases, classrooms are usually crammed with desks and chairs... [more]

How To Make Conferences More Accessible - September 2013 - For many blind persons, attending conferences could be a huge challenge at times especially so if the blind person is attending alone... [more]

How To Make Prescriptions More Accessible - August 2013 - Much of society may still be under the impression that an accessible prescription is one where a blind person needs only ask a sighted person for help... [more]

How To Make Recreational Centers More Accessible - July 2013 - Many may think that this is probably going to be a very daunting task but let us take stock and see what we would need to do... [more]

How To Make Games More Accessible - June 2013 - In this case I will focus on online games and I'd like to proffer a few suggestions... [more]

How To Make Presentations and Lectures More Accessible - May 2013 - For the most part, presentations and lectures are filled with slides and foils. You may think that for a blind person this type of environment may be a bit difficult to overcome... [more]

How To Make Buffets More Accessible - April 2013 - This is probably one of the most difficult things for anyone to accomplish at the best of times but I shall do my best to give some pointers... [more]

How To Make Fast Food Outlets More Accessible - March 2013 - How does one make their fast food outlet accessible? Here are a few pointers to get you started... [more]

How To Make Elevators More Accessible - February 2013 - I need you to remember that these points can make your elevator accessible to everyone... [more]

How To Make Texts More Accessible to Blind and Partially Sighted Persons - January 2013 - The first message that needs to be shared with those wishing to make their info available to blind and partially sighted persons is this... [more]

How Does One Make Movies More Accessible To Those Who Are Blind? - December 2012 - The trick here is to ensure that a blind movie goer can follow the movie; that they can hear what you see... [more]

How Can Pharmacies Be Made More Accessible? - November 2012 - For a blind person, making a pharmacy accessible would probably mean that the following is readily available upon entering a pharmacy... [more]

How Does One Make Their Store More Accessible? - October 2012 - For this question, I will be focusing on the following: point of sale devices, training for staff, and layout of your store... [more]

How To Make Supermarkets More Accessible - September 2012 - When you think of making your supermarket more accessible, you need to think of making it accessible to all persons no matter what and in doing so, you will attract not only those customers that are disabled, but everyone on the whole. So here goes... [more]

How Does One Make Hotels More Accessible? - August 2012 - This may seem to be a very complicated question but if you take it one step at a time, it may not be as daunting a task as you may think. The thing to remember is this: When creating an accessible hotel, you need to keep the following types of customers in mind... [more]

How Can We Make Sidewalks More Accessible? - July 2012 - Construction is constantly taking place, making it difficult to keep any sidewalk free of obstacles at the best of times. However, here are some pointers to help make our sidewalks more accessible... [more]

How to Make Toys More Accessible to Blind Kids - June 2012 - Up until a few short years ago, it was quite difficult to find enough toys that were accessible to and for blind kids. Happily, this has been changing and it is all for the good. [more]

How to Make Microwaves More Accessible to Blind Persons? - May 2012 - Blind persons are unable to communicate with those microwaves that use touch screen technology. They are also unable to use buttons if they are not raised and even if they are raised, then they need to memorize what each button is. So, what is the solution? There are two possible ones as I see it. [more]

How to Make Functions More Accessible - April 2012 - At the best of times, one can only say that functions are either acceptably accessible or not very accessible. There is room for something in between but for this article, I’d like to give some pointers on how to make functions more accessible for someone who is blind. [more]

How can Doctors' Offices be Made More Accessible? - March 2012 - Chances are that the doctor themselves does not really have too much control over access to the building in which their office is located but I do believe that they can do quite a bit to make their own office accessible to a blind person. [more]

Attending Functions - February 2012 - Attending functions at work is probably one of the more challenging things for a disabled employee.  Each type of disability has its own unique challenge but for someone who is blind or sight impaired; I would like to list just a few of these.  [more]

Online Shopping - January 2012 - What makes online shopping accessible to all of your customers/consumers? How can online shopping be made more accessible?  [more]

Distance Learning - December 2011 - Many blind students today continue to face huge barriers when it comes to being able to take advantage of distance learning classes. [more]

KeyPad Accessibility - November 2011 - Tactile Keypads are needed so that customers with visual impairments can confidentially and privately enter their PIN when using a debit or other PIN-based card. Can you imagine turning to the person next to, a stranger, and asking the to input your security code?  [more]

Making Information More Accessible - October 2011 - There used to be a time not too long ago when the traditional ways of providing information to blind and partially sighted persons were through Braille, large print, and on cassette. Luckily for blind and partially sighted persons, this has all changed and now there are other ways for the sighted world to provide information to us. [more]

Making Presentations - September 2011 - For the sighted employer and their sighted employees, if there is a blind or sight impaired person in your audience, you would need to find ways to communicate the contents of your visual displays and foils to these persons. [more]

Managing Expectations - August 2011 - When it comes to suitable careers, I think that the trick here is to ensure that expectations are well managed on both sides of the fence. Nothing could be more frustrating and disappointing when expectations are not met by both sides. That is, when employers and their blind and sight impaired employees fail to discuss expectations before hand. This has been the case ever since I started my working career and with technology playing more and more of a major role in the workplace, expectations need to be managed more carefully and intelligently. [more]

Manuals in Alternate Formats - July 2011 - When I started my working career in a mainstream workplace, manuals in alternate formats were a luxury. That is, they were only available in printed format or hard copy and the event of electronic formats was just starting to make its presence known. [more]

Navigating the Workplace - June 2011 - One of the first things that a disabled employee needs to do before starting a new job in unfamiliar surroundings is to learn how to navigate their workplace.  For those who are blind or visually impaired, it is even more crucial and I can tell you from first hand experience that it really helps to learn the layout of one's workplace before starting off on the first day.  [more]

If I Could Hear What You Can See! - May 2011 - What should developers bear in mind when ensuring that their websites need to be made fully accessible to those who are blind and partially sighted? If I could hear what you can see then what a wonderful world it would be! [more]

Where to Find Accessibility Expertise - April 2011 - You would be surprised to learn how close at hand this expertise is and how available it can be. It's right here in our backyards; blind and partially sighted persons themselves. Blind and partially sighted persons are becoming more involved in website activities and are being used more as testers, evaluators, and as experts when it comes to deciding how to implement accessibility features into the design and development of websites. [more]

Socializing at Work - March 2011 - For a disabled employee, socializing in the workplace can often be very challenging; but at the same time, it can also be a challenge for the mainstream employee. For the disabled employee, the question in one's mind is...  [more]

Restaurant Access - February 2011 - When it comes to accessibility, it all has to do with ensuring that blind patrons are able to access three basic elements...  [more]

Technological Barriers in the Workplace - January 2011 - It is probably never going to go away but the truth is; disabled employees may always have to face some sort of technological barrier in the workplace. Why is this? [more]

Workplace Accessibility - December 2010 - How about a quick (easy) list of things to do to get you started? [more]


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