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For October 2018:

Paint with the fall colors

This is a strategy that really needs to be explored and exploited a bit more. As they say, fall is probably one of the prettiest seasons of the year and for very good reason.

Just thinking of the many shades of red; from dark red to bright red! So many shades of orange; ranging from burned orange to deep orange! And those lively shades of yellow; from a medium yellow to a variegated yellow! There is so much that our imaginations can work with!

O yes! Don't rule out being able to paint with the fall colors and all you need to do is to simply allow your imagination to be able to freely explore and exploit! Just set your imagination free to do its work!

As you sit there on a peaceful fall day, with the winds blowing briskly, the birds getting ready to migrate to warmer lands, and the flowers preparing to face another winter; just let those fall colors flood your mind, your senses, and the rest will be so easy!

Just go out there and try this strategy!

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