If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.

Tips from Author Jodhan Archive


Splashing sounds - April 2021. [more]

Those earthy smells - March 2021. [more]

A nice warm comfort meal - February 2021. [more]

Watching the snowflakes go by - January 2021. [more]

Gazing at a Christmas tree - December 2020. [more]

Using gift giving - November 2020. [more]

How to use Halloween - October 2020. [more]

Fall Colours - September 2020. [more]

Birds and Beaches - August 2020. [more]

Learning lessons from a sparkling stream - July 2020. [more]

Weddings and Proms - June 2020. [more]

Using May flowers - May 2020. [more]

Using April showers - April 2020. [more]

Using early smells of spring - March 2020. [more]

Using hot drinks to find comfort - February 2020. [more]

Using a brisk walk in the snow - January 2020. [more]

The smells of a holiday season - December 2019. [more]

Using the holiday season to kick start new hopes and dreams - November 2019. [more]

How falling leaves can help to spark ideas - October 2019. [more]

Thinking of a classroom - September 2019. [more]

Thinking of a calm ocean - August 2019. [more]

Improve your mood with a cup of sunshine - July 2019. [more]

The smells and sounds of summer - June 2019. [more]

Using May to help you discover new paths - May 2019. [more]

Using April as a springboard - April 2019. [more]

Preparing your imagination with the coming of spring - March 2018. [more]

Using comfort food to help soothe - February 2018. [more]

Going skiing to help refresh - January 2018. [more]

Holiday time imaginations expectations - December 2018. [more]

Gift expectations - November 2018. [more]

Paint with the fall colors - October 2018. [more]

Asking your kids to help you recreate - September 2018. [more]

Make friends with the seaside - August 2018. [more]

How about a boat cruise? - July 2018. [more]

Use the summer sunsets as your background - June 2018. [more]

Creating during the merry month of May - May 2018. [more]

Use those April showers - April 2018. [more]

Using the sights and sounds of spring - March 2018. [more]

Using a hot drink to help spark your imagination - February 2018. [more]

Going ice skating to help energize - January 2018. [more]

Using Christmas as your background - December 2017. [more]

Combining the senses to help create - November 2017. [more]

How a dream can help you to recreate - October 2017. [more]

Using your favourite music to help put you in the mood - September 2017. [more]

Using the sounds of the beach to help recharge - August 2017. [more]

Using strawberry picking to help imagine - July 2017. [more]

Using summer nights to help create dreams - June 2017. [more]

Using May flowers to help rekindle - May 2017. [more]

Creating through reading - April 2017. [more]

Using springtime to help recharge - March 2017. [more]

Using a fireside to help recreate - February 2017. [more]

Using a snowstorm to help energize - January 2017. [more]

Creating through Christmas - December 2016. [more]

Combining the colors - November 2016. [more]

How sleep can help to revitalize - October 2016. [more]

How gentle movements can help to steady the memory - September 2016. [more]

Waking up the brain through baking - August 2016. [more]

Using quiet nights to recharge - July 2016. [more]

How singing birds can help to soothe - June 2016. [more]

Being energized through the sound of the sea - May 2016. [more]

Creating through cooking - April 2016. [more]

Using knitting to help create - March 2016. [more]

Stimulating the creative juices through pottery - February 2016. [more]

Using a hockey game to help energize - January 2016. [more]

Picturing the page - December 2015. [more]

Dynamic dreaming - November 2015. [more]

Read and relax - October 2015. [more]

Lighting the lamp - September 2015. [more]

Lighting the laughter - August 2015. [more]

Forcing the forget-me-nots - July 2015. [more]

Marshalling the memories - June 2015. [more]

Triggering thoughts - May 2015. [more]

Breaking down the boredom barrier - April 2015. [more]

Ways to improve your imagination - March 2015. [more]

Techniques for better thinking - February 2015. [more]

Brain boosters - January 2015. [more]

Time of year - December 2014. [more]

Finding a theme - November 2014. [more]

Using the seasons - October 2014. [more]

How news items could help - September 2014. [more]

The power of quietude - August 2014. [more]

Using images to transform - July 2014. [more]

Using the sense of smell to develop ideas - June 2014. [more]

Using music to generate - May 2014. [more]

Using colors and shapes to create - April 2014. [more]

Listen and learn - March 2014. [more]

Creative thinking - February 2014. [more]

Imagining - January 2014. [more]

Creativity - December 2013. [more]


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