Our Objective

At Sterling Creations we are committed to helping you create and develop professional, savvy websites to achieve the following objectives:

  • Become Section 508 compliant
  • Attract visitors to your website
  • Entice the visitor to return to your website again and again
  • Allow for easy downloading of your website no matter how slow or fast the Internet connection speed or the age of the technology may be.

We can help you build websites that are easy to navigate and easy to read and understand. Our websites will enable you to stay ahead of your competition. We will provide you with web content that is crisp and clear. Even for those whose first language is not English, will are able to be of assistance. Visitors to your website will no longer have to deal with fonts that are too small, nor will they have to worry about inappropriate foreground and background colors.



Try shouting through a closed door and chances are the person one the other side hears only half the anger in your voice. We work hard to make sure the barriers to communication are removed and your message comes through with clarity and vigour.

Use Section 508 To Your Advantage

Businesses of all sizes definitely stand to benefit if they follow the guidelines of the Section 508 legislation. Why? You can use Section 508 to open countless doors of business opportunities for yourself, obtain lucrative contracts from the American government, become highly paid and much-sought-after experts on the topics of accessible websites and the mechanisms of accessibility, become international consultants to governments around the world, and the list goes on.

Cut Your Costs And Increase Your Revenues

How is this possible? Very simple! We can create websites for you that are easy to maintain, support, and enhance. Accordingly, you can use this to cut your customer support costs, as well as your internal maintenance and training costs. Gone are the days when you will have to incur expenses due to lengthy phone calls to or from customers. With our assistance, your website will be so user-friendly and self-explanatory that your customers will seek minimal phone support, if any. Say goodbye to spending outrageous sums on enhancement costs and say hello to a marked decrease in internal website support costs. Our websites will help you increase your revenue, as more customers will want to do business with you because of your accessible websites. No one will visit a website that is difficult to navigate, read, or understand. Make your website one which attracts and retains customers and maintains success over the long term.

Take A Look At Your Potential Customers

The list of potential customers for all businesses is growing exponentially each day. There is a growing list of customers who will be only too happy to do business with you based upon the accessible websites that Sterling Creations can develop for you: the rapidly increasing number of cell phone surfers who are still very much dependent on text-based websites; the millions of global users who are still using slower Internet connections; the millions of users worldwide who are still unable to buy newer and faster technology because of financial constraints; the 750 million and rapidly-growing number of special-needs users around the world, 55 million of whom are Americans; the ballooning number of seniors who are looking to do business with those websites that are easy to download and technically simple to follow; the over 31 million American web surfers whose first language is not English; the over 50% non-English-speaking global consumer market; and the list goes on. You will even be in a position to attract the attention of governments and major players in the corporate world. Can you imagine? Sterling Creations can provide you with the accessible websites to make your business potential limitless.

Make Your Business Locations More Accessible

Sterling Creations can help you make your business locations more accessible to everyone.  Our staff possesses in-depth skill and experience in helping to evaluate, recommend, and develop strategies which will help you and your business site become more accessible to all consumers.  It doesn't matter if you're a store-front operation, a suite of offices, an apartment building, a hotel, a restaurant, an electronic store, a boutique, a supermarket, a bank, an airport facility, a subway system, a dance hall, a movie establishment, a sporting complex or anything else.  We are ready to help businesses of all sizes.  We understand only too well the importance of giving customers easy access to buildings, products, facilities, and services, and we know that as a rule of thumb customers almost always make their purchasing choices based on ease of access to business locations and physical layout of the business location.  You can most definitely increase your revenues and your customer base by making the physical layout of your establishments more accessible and therefore more attractive and inviting.

Our Motivational Speaking Services

If you are looking for motivational speakers to make presentations on those hot accessibility issues of the day then Sterling Creations has something for you.  We can help enrich your seminars and conferences with motivational speakers who are experts in the accessibility arena.  Their expertise and experience span over two decades, and their speeches are in constant demand by both governments and businesses alike.  Sterling Creations can speak to a wide variety of audiences:  formal government audiences, technology conferences, corporate seminars, students, chamber of commerce luncheons, and fundraising events.  Our motivational speakers can help you increase your revenue and motivate your employees and clients.

Cutting Edge but Affordable

Check out our services and rates below and you will find that there is something for everyone.

The following is a list of rates on an hourly basis. * All prices in US dollars. 2CO is an authorized retailer for services provided by Sterling Creations. Buyers using credit cards will be directed to purchase from 2Checkout.com.

  • Testing and evaluation services - $30 Includes:
    • Website testing and evaluation
    • Courseware testing
    • Hardware testing
    • Software testing
    • Usability testing
  • Remote services - $70 Includes:
    • Website design and redesign
    • Web content design and redesign
    • Courseware design and redesign
    • Software design and redesign
    • Usability design and redesign
  • On site services - $100 Includes:
    • Website design and redesign
    • Web content design and redesign
    • Courseware design and redesign
    • Software design and redesign
    • Usability design and redesign
    • Evaluation of  physical layouts and facilities
  • Consulting services - $100 Includes:
    • Needs assessments
    • Development of courses
    • Writing of proposals
    • Section 508 consulting
    • W3C consulting
    • ODA consulting

The following is a list of rates on a daily basis.

  • Home Page Reader - $700
  • Jaws training - $700
  • Seminars - $500
  • Workshops - $500
  • Demos at conferences - $500
  • High level website evaluations - $500

Special discounts are available to non-profit and charitable organizations and to small and medium-sized businesses. For rates on translation of websites please Contact Us. Please contact us to learn more about our motivational speaking services.

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